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What makes our biomass fuel supply exceptional

… is its consistent 20% (+/- 4%) moisture content. Woodyfuel’s is a premium biomass fuel supplier that will supercharge your biomass boiler and… Your RHI payments!

Biomass Fuel Suppliers for Northern England businesses and commercial industry with bulk wood chip deliveries

There are many biomass fuel suppliers delivering sub-par, overly wet and inefficient wood chip. That is why at Woodyfuel we took extra steps to guarantee an optimal wood fuel performance. We achieved that through careful local wood sourcing, expert biomass moisture handling and unparalleled biomass fuel supply agreements.

We are based in Northern England, and we have years of experience in biomass boilers central heating installations. Our mission is to provide you with broad know-how on how to increase your heating unit’s performance as well as how to achieve the best return on your investment as a long-term fuel supplier while saving your money on RHI.

Biomass Fuel Drying Floor

Our complex drying system heats up huge amounts of water using our highly performing biomass boilers. The heat then shifts to the exchanger units and releases as a heated air blow underneath the wood chip piles. The holes drilled in our Biomass Drying Floor allow even and consistent reduction of the chip moisture. Woodyfuel recommends a high standard of 20% (+/- 4%) moisture level for the most effective and optimal performance of the biomass fuel.

Biomass Fuel Suppliers Monitoring System

Being a member of BSL, we care for the environment and pay extra attention to the wood sources. We operate comprehensively, starting from a careful local wood selection. Once the wood is screened and fetched, our specialist wood chipping machinery is equipped to process the materials quickly and effortlessly in-house. With the rigid system in place, Woodyfuel can supply biomass fuel that is high in calorific value.


Our mission is to build a local significance by helping businesses and communities to optimise their energy

Biomass Fuel Supply from Northern England,

we’re always looking for ways to keep the majority of our business “in-house”, working and giving to the local companies. Woodyfuel supplies all virgin timber from local woodlands in accordance with BSL accreditation.

Green Energy Carbon Footprint Reduction

Aimed to minimise the carbon footprint also on delivery, we operate within proximity of the local depots that we hold across Northern England.
The localised logistics are true for the round wood sourcing as well as end-user deliveries that are limited to the fixed distances from the nearest depot. Overall low levels of maintenance also yield none-contaminated batches of wood chip.

20% (+/- 4%) Moisture Premium Biomass Fuel

We aim to optimise the amount of time spent on treating the wood, and the chip dries consistently across all our drying floors. We found that getting the in-house biomass drying system operating firmly and efficiently is the key ingredient amongst biomass fuel suppliers that provide the highest quality of premium wood chip.


Join the customers who already save and maintain high performing boilers with our premium biomass energy.

To achieve the biggest return on investment and a hassle-free central heating management at your company we recommend an annual fuel supply agreement. The Agreement comes with added benefit of boiler’s maintenance that is entirely handled by us and helps you meet the regulator’s standards. As such, our biomass fuel contracts are prevalent amongst our clients being the most efficient way of ensuring you never run out of quality fuel.

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