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Your biomass central heating optimised with quality wood fuel

Wood chip fuel supplier for the biomass central heating system in the UK


Sign up for a wood fuel supply contract with Woodyfuel first-rate quality wood chip and enable the highest RHI payments for your company with the best performing biomass boiler. As leading biomass wood chips suppliers, Woodyfuel guarantees return on investment with your biomass central heating thanks to optimal RHI payments and minimal wood chip boiler maintenance. Our wood chip for sale is cheaper and much better for the environment than the most of the competition due to its optimal 20% (+/- 4%) moisture content. Our wooden chips are also much more efficient than any fossil fuels so switching to a biomass boiler system brings many financial and environmental benefits.

Wood chip fuel made for your company by experts in the biomass field.

Bulk Chip Supplier – with extensive wood chip delivery methods we can supply our product to the most difficult locations

Wood Fuel Quality – being approved by Biomass Supplier List (BSL)  governing body we excel in selling the highest performing fuel while caring for the reforestation and CO2 reduction

Wooden chips affordability – contrary to gas and oil, the price of wood chips is very stable over the years making it easy to budget the fuel for the whole year while calculating benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments


Wood chip suppliers

– Optimal woodchip moisture level
– Greatest RHI payments
– Biomass Supplier List accredited
– Wood chips with highest calorific value (CV) yield

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At Woodyfuel, we dedicate most of our time to help companies take a greener, more environmentally friendly and cheaper approach their energy spending. Therefore all our business customers receive a committed account manager to answer any queries and resolve problems directly with you.

Striving to become a trustworthy and local wood chips provider means that Woodyfuel’s mission is to support you with the best quality of force-dried wood chip fuel. Maximum RHI payments, reductions in CO2 and local communities support are ensured when trading with us.

Wood supplier with large bulk wood chip fuel delivery capabilities

Wood Chip Suppliers

… of virgin wood and sustainable dry wood chip fuel processed to British Standards in terms of low moisture content, consistent chip size and a high Calorific Value (CV).

Wood supplier of wood pellets for biomass boiler in large commercial industries

Wood Pellets Suppliers

… of highly compressed and organic biomass pellets fuel in the right specification for the high performing wood pellets boiler.

Firewood supplier of the best logs for sale in local area

Firewood Suppliers

… of the best firewood for sale. We can arrange a kiln dried firewood supply directly to your business. Our certified Forestry Commission logs are environmentally friendly and from local sources near you.


Support with RHI payments

Support with RHI calculations to maximise the fuel use profit.


Utilisation of wood energy

Support in reaching the most effective utilisation of energy to boost overall RHI payments.


Wood chip boiler examination

A biomass boiler condition examination and its subsequent fine-tuning for 20% (+/- 4%) moisture content wood chip fuel.


Ofgem compliance

Assistance with Ofgem processes and preparation for the regulatory inspections.


Fuel Supplier Agreements

Flexible and transparent contracts. Never run out of wood fuel.


Account Manager

Personalised services to handle all queries regarding wood fuel supply contracts – contact us!

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