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Premium Wood Pellets

Order Full Pallet: 975KG (65x 15KG Bags of Premium Pellets)

Woodyfuel wood pellet fuel is the next generation biomass solution. Optimal energy performance, minimal greenhouse gas emissions and very low running costs contribute to its growing popularity. Woodyfuel ensures the quality throughout the whole supply chain from creation to efficient pellet heat production:

  • high in density and calorific value,
  • our pellets carry lots of clean energy in a tiny form and
  • are suitable for pellet boilers, wood stoves and various biomass heating systems.

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£735 (VAT + Delivery included)

Full Pallet: 975KG (65x 15KG Bags of Premium Pellets)

Woodyfuel premium wood pellet is highly efficient


Compressed under high pressure

Woodyfuel wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced dry sawdust which is compressed under high pressure. This combination of low moisture content, typically 8-10%, and high density means that our wood pellets are a particularly efficient energy fuel – even higher than wood in its natural form.


Storage efficiency

Their high-density also means that wood pellets require less storage space than wood chip and are particularly suited to smaller biomass boilers. We are able to supply many different grades of pellets. Please get in touch for free advice or request a callback.

Wood pellet

Wood pellet suppliers

  • Delivery in both small or large batches
  • Storage system setup planning
  • Heating structure cost reduction
  • Increased value even up by 50-60%

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The standards for management, storage and delivery of pellet is essential in making sure the wood fuel isn’t degrading prematurely. We offer various methods to optimise the operation including wood fuel delivery in smaller batches that can push the total value of your wood pellet even up by 50-60%.

Furthermore, we help in careful planning and setup of the fuel storage system as well as optimising your accessibility arrangements. The wood fuel delivery system will play the major role in the entire operation effectiveness and cost reduction of your heating structure.

Eco wood pellet biomass heating

Our experienced customer account supervisors are readily available to assist with valuable know-how and guidance that help save time and money as you progress through the wood fuel supply arrangements.