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Woodyfuel Briquettes Heat Logs – The ideal heating solution

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Woodyfuel Briquettes are the ideal heating solution for your home or business. Briquettes have many advantages over other heart sources, making them the optimum choice. They can be used in wood burning stoves, wood burners, fireplaces and chimineas for example.

Our briquettes are made from 100% dense hardwood sawdust and woodchips, which are compressed under high pressure to form blocks. This controlled manufacturing process results in a uniformed size and consistent briquette, which burns hotter, cleaner and longer than traditional firewood or logs. They produce less smoke and particle residues when burned for safer and cleaner environment.

Woodyfuel briquettes

Wood Briquettes

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Some of the many advantages over other traditional heat sources include:

  • A clean energy product, 100% environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.
  • Consistent and reliable quality in relation to moisture, weight and size, with a clean burn in comparison to traditional logs.
  • High calorific value allowing for a long burn time, with each briquette equivalent to three to four traditional wood logs.
  • Compact, making it easy to handle and store, ideal for domestic settings with limited space.
  • Produces more heat for less money making it excellent value.

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£395 (VAT + Delivery included) for a Full Pallet

Full Pallet: 960KG (96x 10KG packs; 6 briquettes per pack)

Woodyfuel Briquettes Heat Logs


Why Woodyfuel Briquettes are the Smart Choice for Your Business:

Crafted from 100% dense hardwood sawdust and woodchips, Woodyfuel Briquettes Heat Logs undergo a high-pressure compression process to form uniformly sized blocks. This ensures a consistent, efficient, and cleaner burn compared to traditional heating methods, reducing your operational costs and environmental footprint.

Invest in a Superior Heating Solution for Your Business

Woodyfuel Briquettes are designed for businesses looking to combine operational efficiency with environmental responsibility. By choosing our briquettes, you’re not just selecting a heating solution; you’re making a strategic business decision that benefits your operations, budget, and the planet.
Wood pellet

Woodyfuel Heat Logs

  • Delivery in both small or large batches
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Consistency in Quality
  • Superior Calorific Value
  • Space Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency

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