Wood fuel

for your thriving organisation

wood chip fuel

Wood Chip Suppliers

… of virgin wood and sustainable dry wood chip fuel processed to British Standards in terms of low moisture content, consistent chip size and a high Calorific Value (CV).

Wood pellet

Wood Pellet Suppliers

… of highly compressed and organic biomass pellets fuel in the right specification for the high performing wood pellet boiler.

Wood briquettes woodyfuel

Wood Briquette Suppliers

of premium quality, densely compressed hardwood briquettes designed for maximum heat output and minimal ash, ensuring a clean, efficient, and sustainable heating experience.

brash removal

Brash removal and Supply

… of the optimally dried and chipped tree branches and bulk brash. We can arrange brash removal and on site clearance or supply chipped brash directly to your organisation.

Woodyfuel is amongst the best quality wood fuel suppliers local to you

Here is why


Bulk Wood Fuel Suppliers

We deliver bulk wood fuel supply for high-demand energy and heating environments.


Forest Friendly fuels

We are Biomass Supplier List (BSL) approved wood fuel company and supply our fuels only from certified forest sources.


Wood fuel supplier local to you

We base our biomass fuel depots strategically across North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire so we can reach your company with a locally sourced wood fuel.

Wood fuel supplier truck
Wood fuel warehouse

Woodyfuel – a reliable local wood fuel supplier

Take an opportunity to work with Woodyfuel – a reliable and local wood fuel supplier.

We take extra steps to ensure that your local organisation runs on green and sustainable wood fuel while profiting from low running costs and logistics. Optimal RHI payments, reductions in CO2 and support for local environment are guaranteed when trading with us.

Woodyfuel provides you with the best wood delivery and many years of experience in the wood fuel supply business.

Biomass chips suppliers

  • Wood Fuel Produced for Optimal RHI payments
  • Excellent for High Performing biomass boilers and heating systems
  • Eco-friendly – Green energy supplier!

Woodyfuel is here to help!

Woodyfuel benefits

Wood fuel is a renewable source of energy that is natural, sustainable, and carbon-efficient with the potential to deliver considerable economic benefits as well as mitigate climate change.

Here's how Woodyfuel's biomass supply can benefit you.

Reduced wood fuel usage per year

Spend less on your biomass supply and save on the heating bills.

Quality control

Stringent checks to avoid any wood fuel contamination.

Optimal boiler performance

Optimal boiler performance achieved thanks to balanced Wood Chip Moisture Content and a significant reduction in servicing and repair costs.


Approved by Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

Bulk Deliveries

We supply wood fuel from multiple local biomass depots in Northern England.