Wood Fuel Heating in North East Schools

by | May 8, 2020 | Central Heating Service

Wood fuel heating in schools

Modern heating technologies like sustainable biomass wood fuel heating solutions are becoming more popular when it comes to domestic properties and commercial installations. Sectors maintained by the government are looking for energy-efficient heating solutions to keep utility bills low and reduce carbon emissions.

Why should schools choose wood fuel heating?

When it comes to schools wood chip boilers, seem to be a perfect solution to heat school buildings. They are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating options, maintaining the highest comfort levels at the same time. When heat is required, a wood chip boiler will automatically ignite, feed fuel to the fire, and switch off. Thanks to their automated characteristics, wood chip boilers are an excellent alternative to electrical or fossil fuels heating solutions.

Wood fuel heating system

How can schools benefit from wood chip heating solution?

  • Full biomass boiler automation
  • Automatic ignition and cleaning
  • Weather compensation settings
  • Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes
  • Significant fuel savings over oil, gas and electricity heating
  • High real-life efficiency
  • Designed for a long operational life
  • Boiler maintenance and fuel monitoring program available

The Fuels for Schools initiative

Back in 1980s, Vermont in the USA introduced The Fuels for Schools program initiative to encourage the use of renewable, local natural resources. In time it has grown into a multistage program and has recently expanded its scope beyond schools. Today almost 20% of Vermont public school students attend a school heated with wood. Thirty-two schools operate wood chip systems, and more installations are being considered. The reason is simple – wood fuel heating provides a safe, clean, reliable and economical alternative to other forms of energy.

Wood fuel heating costs

The cost-effectiveness and ease of using a commercial heating system that runs on wood fuel is significant. Wood chip systems are well-suited for larger applications, such as schools and health care facilities. They may carry a higher price tag than conventional gas boilers, but operating costs are lower, and system longevity is greater. This means that in the long-run, wood chip heating systems are less expensive. This cost-saving margin is likely to expand, as the price for fossil fuels is expected to increase much more than wood chips. Price volatility of future fossil fuel prices can also wreak havoc on budgets.

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