Growing mushrooms on wood chip

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How to grow mushrooms on wood chip

There is a growing interest in mushroom cultivation amongst the public so today we will share with you some insight on how you can grow mushrooms on wood chip.

Types of mushroom to grow on wood chip

For indoor mushroom grow it’s best to use Oyster mushrooms because they grow well in many different types of substrates like coffee grinds waste, banana leaves or sawdust. For outdoor purposes, go for Wine cap mushrooms which are easy to grow in piles of wood chip while Shiitake mushrooms grow best on logs. Mushrooms are different, so their growth speed will depend on their growing requirements.

mushrooms on wood chip

What to avoid when setting up a mushroom garden?

Fungi are not a plant so you should not water it like one. Mushrooms will dry out from sunlight, and when being grown inside, the mycelium ought to be misted with water at least once a day.

Also, remember to use fresh logs cut down within a month rather than rotten ones to ensure that there’s enough moisture content and to prevent wild fungi built up in the wood.

Keep in mind that mushroom growing requires patience, particularly when you’re just starting. It may even take a year to get your first flush. However, once mushrooms begin growing on logs or from wood chippings, they might continue to grow for many years to come.

Preparation before setting up your mushroom garden

A mushroom garden is great and simple Do It Yourself way to improve the diversity of your home-made produce which also costs very little. To set it up you will need spawn, some wood chip and water.

There are three types of spawn: plug, sawdust and grain. Plug and sawdust spawn is used to grow mushrooms on logs or stumps, while grain spawn is for growing on wood chip or straw.

Before you start, soak wood chips in the barrel to ferment and therefore sterilise them. After a week of soaking, drain them.

How to set up a mushroom garden on wood chip?


Step 1

Choose your mushroom. We suggest tasty Stropharia rugosoannulata which are known as King Stropharia, Wine cap mushrooms or Garden Giants as they grow up to 30cm.

Step 2

Dig a hole in a shady place ideally around the base of a tree.

Step 3

Place a layer of cardboard on the ground.

Step 4

Add wood chips on top of the cardboard.

Step 5

Break up the spawn and scatter it over wood chips.

Step 6

Put some more wood chips on top.
During dry weather, water your garden occasionally or leave them be if your aim is to grow most resilient strain. As we mentioned before it may take a year to produce them, it all depends on humidity, location, the temperature of the air and soil, rain and many other factors.

Some will grow faster than others and some won’t – mushrooms are temperamental and sensitive. But your patience should be rewarded eventually.

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