When to hire a specialist for Tree and Site Clearance?

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Arborist and Tree Surgeon

We all want to ensure that we live and work in safe environments. That’s why you should consider hiring a specialist when it comes to brash removal and site clearance.

When you own land or property, and you tried to get rid of some branches, cut trees or remove brash you’ve probably realised it’s highly specialised, time-consuming and quite dangerous job. If you find yourself in one of the situations below, play it safe and hire a professional.

When to hire a specialist for Tree and Site Clearance?


Safety concerns

Out of all the reasons, safety concerns are always the most important. Hanging branches can fall and cause an accident. If trees are allowed to grow freely without supervision, they may often cause damage to electrical wires, fences, buildings or homes.


Refurbishment of a neglected area of land

If you own land that has been neglected for a while, there is a chance that it will have to be cleared. We can remove Tree Stumps even of large size along with the roots. Thanks to our extensive experience and use of high-velocity machinery, we can clear any site in a safe, tidy and efficient manner.


Site Clearance of sites undergoing development

Many sites undergoing development for construction will require large-scale tree clearance services that are completed efficiently, on time and on a budget. Reach out to one of our Account managers if you require stump removal, forestry mulching, whole tree chipping or shearing, timber extraction, brash extraction or ground clearance preparation.

Brash removal site clearance

Woodyfuel brash removal and site clearance services

However challenging it may turn out to remove your trees, rest assured that our experienced, qualified climbers will tackle it safely and efficiently as part of any tree clearance program. Our site clearance solutions are not only sustainable but also fully auditable. Jobs are completed promptly and professionally while reducing organisational requirements, fuel consumption and emissions, as well as overall costs involved. Get in touch for more details.

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