What is the best wood fuel?

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Best wood fuel

Wood fuel comes in several different forms of biomass, the most common ones being Wood chip, Wood Pellets and, of course, Wood logs. The term Biomass covers fuels which come from plant or animal materials. Wood is still one of the most popular forms of fuel as it is now recognised as one of the more environmentally sound and sustainable sources of producing heat.

The best wood fuel depends on your needs

Wood chips

are usually cut between 5 mm and 50 mm so you’ll need to take into account the size of your burner, as larger chips may block the flow of heat in smaller sized burners.

Wood pellets

are made up of a combination of sawdust or fine wood shavings which are then compressed together to form the pellets. Pellet burners are normally found in a kitchen or living room setting.

Wood logs

are best for burning in an open hearth setting. These logs can be sourced from orchard cuttings and well managed, sustainable woodlands. Different types of wood from varying trees will burn at different rates but hardwoods are the most favourable. Using fire as a heat source adds an extra feeling of natural warmth to a room with the flames providing an extra sense of comfort when they flicker and burn.
Best wood fuel options

How to choose the best wood fuel for my boiler?

Why Choose Wood Pellets?

Why choose Wood Chips?

Why Choose Wood Logs?

  • This type of compressed fuel works well for burners which require hand feeding.
  • They work on a controlled fuel value as the heat is released.
  • You’ll usually find that Pellets take up less storage space.
  • They’re delivered in secure storage bags in case they need to be stored outside.
  • They’re produced by coppicing trees and drying the offcuts to meet the correct moisture content.
  • The advantage of Wood chips is that they burn almost completely leaving very little waste and very little ash behind.
  • The other benefit of using wood chips is that they can also be used as mulch in the garden, so it they have a double purpose.
  • They’re sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed woodland through regular reforestation.
  • Easily obtainable and available in varying quantities for both commercial and personal use.
  • Long lasting burn when used as a fuel supply.

Where to buy wood chip and pellet fuel in UK?

Based in the north of England with 3 locations in Alnwick, Stocksfield and Knottingly, Woodyfuel takes pride in the fact they source their Biomass fuels from locally sustainable sources. We provide a wide range of wood chips suitable for a number of purposes along with wood pellets, wood chips, and wood logs for firewood.

We are able to provide the highest quality wood based fuels, at competitive prices, to suit your home or your business fuel requirements. 

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