Wood Chip Delivery

Woodyfuel supports fast and efficient wood chip delivery options that are flexible and adjustable to your specifications.

Wood chip delivery with lorry blower

Lorry blower

We recommend the lorry blower for large commercial places such as farms, open areas and factories. Generally, wood chips delivery with a large volume wood pellet and chip demands where access is unrestricted, we would dispatch a larger lorry to increase the productiveness.
For a larger vehicle, your loading point requires to adhere to the general dimensions:

  • width – 2.5 meters (~8 foot 4 inch)
  • height – 4.0 meters (~13 foot 4inch)

Our pre-shipment agenda details the specific delivery arrangements. Also, available to discuss with our delivery services management.

Bagged wood pellets - delivery in 10kg and 15kg bags

Bags (10/15kg)

Due to its convenience and speed, many of our Clients prefer to pelletise deliveries to multiple bags (we support 10kg/15kg bags for a total of 98 bags per one pellet).
The pellet deliveries proved to be most efficient for a heavily restricted biofuel boiler access, although a manual carrying from the drop off location is usually required to complete the job.
Hydraulic platform is the quickest of wood chip delivery methods

Hydraulic Platform

One of the quickest delivery processes has to be a tipped wood chip delivery where a lorry lifts its hydraulic platform and empties the wood materials on the loading point. We can also deploy directly onto appointed wood fuel storage if it’s located below the ground level.
Biomass delivery with walking floor system

"Walking Floor" system

Wherever the storage room allows, Woodyfuel can provide a convenient and fast wood chip delivery option using a “walking floor” system handling. In this instance, wood fuel can be quickly and evenly dropped into the storage point provided that it allows the use of hydraulic mechanisms to off-load the biomass.
Biomass feed auger wood chip delivery and storage

Biomass Feed Auger

In confined space situations, a chip feed system might be in place for an optimal wood fuel delivery. And so is our delivery system.
We can arrange and off-load wood chips directly onto the central auger that will agitate the biomass and move it right to its destination. Although somewhat slow process it is available upon your request.

We offer a custom wood chips delivery options using tracktors, trailers and hook lifts

Custom wood chip delivery (tractors, trailers, hook lifts, etc.)

Given the various, unpredictable wood chips delivery details and exemptions, we offer a custom logistics approach where a specific machinery can be orchestrated. Either trailer, tractor or other shipment methods can be used. Woodyfuel’s custom equipment can reach your site providing it is within the close proximity. Prior consultation with our Logistics Manager is always available.

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