Biomass Boiler Maintenance and Fuel Monitoring Program

Never run out of wood fuel

Through our Biomass Boiler Maintenance Program, we guarantee your wood fuel consumption is under control.

Please contact our Account Management for detailed information on the Boiler Maintenance and Fuel Monitoring Program and how you can benefit from the automation.

Remote boiler maintenance.

Our monitoring program uses a small communication device that we usually install next to the central heat meter.
Associated with a GPRS device, the fuel consumption readings of your boiler unit uploads to the online dashboard you can access from anywhere.
This smart solution conveys modern technology and utility of best and most convenient fuel usage monitoring system and an optimal boiler maintenance.

The energy usage monitoring system.

To allow most efficient fuel management in your company we pre-configure the device with signals to enable both, Woodyfuel and your business, to accurately see when biomass levels have entered the reordering phase.
Each new shipment restarts the device to accommodate a fresh batch of fuel.

Full biomass boiler automation.

Woodyfuel’s aim to automate the ordering and delivery processes brings several benefits with the primary one that is to guarantee you will never exhaust your fuel storages. We also produce all necessary RHI paperwork for the OFGEM regulatory compliance that follows your scheme. We strive to deliver the most robust and, at the same time, the most consistent boiler maintenance solution for your energy unit system.

Contact us before the season to secure smoothly running Central Heating through our Biomass Maintenance and Fuel Monitoring Program

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