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Tree Service for Life is our commitment to a better environment and performing biomass boilers



Tree service – sustainable wood maintenance and performing biomass fuel

FSC iconContrary to the false impression around wood fuels, the modern green energy industry relies on strategic forest replants and sustainability management. The Ethical Tree Service policy also means that as we manufacture biomass by cutting a tree, several more trees get replanted in its place. The procedure safeguards the annual harvest of only 2% of the regulated woodlands while keeping the other 98% to grow and handle the carbon. As our sensibly sourced wood fuel gradually replaces fossil fuels in the majority of the commercial sector, we observe a rapid reduction of carbon footprint and pollution in the atmosphere.
Finally, to ensure the 100% process compliance, we make sure that every single wood batch obtained from our tree service supply-chain originates from forests that conform to the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS).


Moisture content (+/- 4%)

Biomass fuel moisture content.

The level of the moisture content will determine the overall calorific value of your fuel. When comparing the price to performance, 20% (+/- 4%) moisture content is shown to be the most effective ratio. If you use fuel that contains more water, you can expect to derive less energy from it, and therefore more wood must be bought and processed. Also, you might not be fulfilling the demands of your RHI duties, which could lead to losing your payments entirely through the use of a highly moisturised fuel against the Emissions Certificate permits.



Your central heating meter calculations.

Woodyfuel strives to achieve the highest boiler performance – ideally 90% and above at 4 pence per kW/h. With wood fuel of 20% moisture content (+/- 4% moisture margin) and optimal drying conditions, we achieve a supreme energy yield, reduction in ash and dust byproducts and overall low maintenance of your optimised biomass boiler.

In comparison, with fuel at 35% moisture content, you can expect your boiler’s performance drop to 65% effectiveness rendering its increase in consumption costs to approx. 5.23 pence per kW/h. While with 50% moisture content and above you are looking at around 55% efficiency drop out and charge rise to approx. 5.7 pence per kW/h.

At the same time, your heating unit will require double the amount of manual intervention and conservation while using approx. 25-30% more wood fuel. That is very unlikely to produce the same return on investment and RHI earnings as with 20% (+/- 4%) moisture content premium biomass.

Fuel TypeCalorific Value (Net)Performance
(% Moisture Content)kWh/T%
Wood Pellet (10%)480090
Wood Chip (20%)400090
Wood Chip (30%)341075
Wood Chip (35%)312070
Wood Chip (40%)283065
Wood Chip (50%)224055
Tree service by Woodyfuel brings cutting edge wood chipping technology and is sustainable

Key benefits of our tree service and biomass.

There are many factors that secure a smooth, problem-free and efficient operation of your biomass boiler and your central heating system.
The following are the 3 essential wood chip parameters we consider as the most vital:

Fuel Moisture Levels

When buying a biomass you want to avoid fuel with excess water. Excessive moisture in your wood fuel prevents it from burning efficiently. It also costs more money due to increase in overall weight of the delivery. The ideal biomass moisture content is 20% (+/- 4%).

Biomass Boiler Compatibility

The biomass fuel industry reports significant issues with the overall boiler performance and its running costs if used wood fuel is not optimal to boiler’s specification. The site visit would establish biomass fits in and is appropriate for the unit you are using.

Operational Consistency

Constantly changing fuel quality will impact the long-term productivity of your boiler. Woodyfuel makes sure your biomass is clean, uniform and adheres to your specification. Further, our biomass delivery system secures your boiler’s smooth operation and without disruptions.

Woodyfuel benefits

Looking where to buy wood fuel? Woodyfuel offers one of the best prices amongst competitive wood suppliers. We provide the best wood fuel delivery for highest RHI payments.


Less fuel usage

per year - spend less on fuel and save on the heating bills



approved by Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)



that is produced enables you to cut the spending


Maximised RHI

(Renewable Heat Incentive) turnover and highly profitable


Quality control

stringing checks to avoid any contamination



reduction in servicing and repair costs on your boiler


Boiler performance

increase due to 20% Moisture Content (+/- 4%)


Short ETAs

we supply our bio-fuel locally in Northern England

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