Non-renewable Energy Sources – The Basics

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Non-renewable energy sources

Non-renewable energy comes from sources that will eventually run out or will not be renewed in the next generations lifetime. A lot of non-renewable energy sources are non-renewable fuel sources like coal, petroleum, and gas.

Carbon is the main element in non-renewable fuel sources and gave the name to the Carboniferous Period (about 360-300 million years ago) during which non-renewable fuel sources formed. Even prior to the dinosaurs, Earth had a different landscape that was rapidly changing and developing over thousands of years. The Earth back then wasn’t covered with deep seas, but rather, the planet was a perfect place for algae, simple plants and plankton that were growing on vast and swampy forests. They absorbed sunshine and produced energy through photosynthesis. When they died, the organisms wandered to the bottom of the sea or lake.
Non-renewable energy
With time, the dead plants were squashed under the seabed. Rocks and other sediment stacked on top of them, producing high heat and pressure underground. In this environment, the plant and animal eventually become fossil fuels (coal, gas, and petroleum). Today, there are huge underground pockets (called tanks) of these non-renewable sources of energy all over the world.

They are relatively affordable to extract and can also be stored, piped, or delivered throughout the world. Nevertheless, burning fossil fuels is hazardous for the Earth’s environment and all habitation. Especially when either coal or oil burn, the particles that they release are immediately absorbed into the atmosphere and then released to the air, water, and land contaminating all. A few of these particles are caught and recycled, but the majority of them are released into the environment.

Why are Non-renewables so harmful to the environment?

When fossil fuels are heated (via combustion), they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Co2 is a gas that keeps heat in Earth’s atmosphere, also known as the “greenhouse effect.” The greenhouse effect is essential to life in the world; however, it depends on balanced carbon management and recycling plan. Unfortunately, the carbon from non-renewable fuel sources has been sequestered for many years due to now outdated technology and overconsumption. All these contribute to increasing temperature levels.

The Irrelevant Technology of the Past

There are many reasons for the non-renewables to still stand as a leading source of energy worldwide. The main being they are easier to obtain and process (technology). Not to mention that they are available everywhere.

The non-renewable fuels can be found all over the world, with lots of locations currently recognized as being rich in these resources. And we can’t deny that this type of energy was efficient. The non-renewable fuel source can create a great deal of energy. Even from a low volume of fossil fuel, you can generate a considerable amount of heat and power.

However, the outcome of burning fossil fuel and contributing to pollution and environmental impact carries with itself long-term as well as short-term hidden costs – mainly the Public Health problems. World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that air contamination from burning non-renewable fuel sources is the one of the main culprits of global air pollution, causing lung problems and asthma attacks in humans.

While there are some benefits to using fossil fuels for our energy, it’s clear that the negatives far outweigh the positives! Without an alternative source of energy, we could quickly be facing a significant energy crisis and a catastrophe for our world’s health.

How to improve by switching from Non-renewable energy like Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy?

There are many options to choose from to avoid burning fossil fuels for energy production. You can consider getting your electricity from solar panels, and wood chip or pellet boiler for heating. And we can help you with the latter. So if you require to resupply your wood fuel, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Account Managers. Woodyfuel can also help you to obtain and install a wood chip boiler if you’re considering switching your current heating system that runs on non-renewable fossil fuels.

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