Locally generated energy is the future

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Green Energy Supplier

Is Locally Sourced Energy the Future?

You might have noticed that there is an escalating buzz around green energy around the globe, and rightly so. Woodyfuel agrees that green energy is more or less the future of this planet! As a matter of fact, scientists now believe that an entirely renewable energy future is a possibility in the world by the year 2050. The journey away from fossil fuels has already started but is it time to shift towards a local decentralised paradigm in generating clean energy?

Local Green Energy: The Benefits


It's Cheaper

Of course, locally generated energy is way cheaper keeping in mind that energy transmission is super expensive. This will usually work for most renewable energy types where energy can be sourced locally. Again, a good example is biomass energy raw materials which can be sourced locally to reduce the cost of transportation.

High Business Performance Level

It’s not just about the transportation keeping in mind that business companies can also accrue massive economic benefits from sourcing local energy. First, they can get the best of local raw materials plus they won’t waste readily available raw materials. There is also the question of fast delivery times that ultimately translates to continuous and reduced production costs hence high business performance levels.

It’s Good For The Environment

Locally generated energy is also perfect for environment particularly at the time when climate change and global warming are proving a threat to our survival. Think of it this way; fewer emissions will be generated when raw materials and energy are supposed to be shipped a few blocks away.

Besides, green energy is way cleaner than conventional energy sources which rely on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are one of the major causes of elevated greenhouse gas levels, unlike renewable energy which provides minimal pollution. In other words, this is the way to go for any community looking towards carbon neutrality in the coming years.


It Creates Local Jobs

Local energy can go along way in creating lots of jobs for the local communities around. This comes in the shape of formal and informal human resource required in things like a collection of raw materials, transportation and the production of energy. In fact, renewable energy technologies usually are labour intensive, and most of the investments in the sector are channeled towards materials and the effort to build and maintain renewable energy facilities.

This is why local jobs are bound to crop up directly from businesses in the green energy sector including professional services like accounting, engineering, clerical services and much more!


It Promotes the Local Economy

Generating energy locally has been known to have a positive economic impact on the local community. Local companies in the green energy sector contribute more tax locally while some of these companies also give local communities additional methods of generating income. For example, locals can cultivate wood as energy crops as an alternative to other conventional agricultural uses. Some companies even plough back through sponsorship and other charitable activities.
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Energy Security

The concept of centralised energy production using fossil fuels is under threat not to mention that it can be adversely affected by political instabilities, trade disputes, embargoes, wars and other disruptions. Local energy is thus an answer to uncertainties as local communities can at least have security in the realm of affordable energy.

Utilising Waste Products

Some local green energy plants can make good use of low-grade waste product generated locally to create energy. Wood fuel is an excellent example of this keeping in mind that it is fetched from sawmills and timber harvesting residues considered to be the by-products of forest work. Biomass energy projects, in this case, will also generate ash as a by-product which can be leveraged in local farming by the community.

Wrapping Up

We have one Earth, and it’s vital that we take care of it.
Clean energy is undoubtedly the way to go, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The future is all about decentralising the way we produce our energy.

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