Firewood or Pellet Stove?

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Which type of wood heating is the most effective for your home?

If you have chosen to heat your home with wood fuel and lower your total heating costs, you aren’t alone. Many customers are moving back to basics when it comes to the home heating system. There’s now more choice in regards to wood-burning stoves along with the type of wood fuel you can use to heat your house.

There is more to think about when purchasing firewood or pellets stove

One kind of wood-burning appliance you might wish to think about is dual wood fuel pellet stove for burning wood or walnut, corn pits or alternative non-traditional fuels.

In comparison to the usual wood heating stove or fireplace, the pellet stove is actually a different breed entirely. Even though it can heat a house too, even better than the usual wood heating stove, you will find notable differences to consider before making your purchasing decision.

The initial pellet stoves were big and seemed more like common unsightly wood burners. However, their design has improved since the early days, and generally, the typical consumer would have trouble telling them apart from a wood-burning heating stove.

Both kinds will generate a comfy, dry radiant warmth. A pellet stove works when the hopper is full, and the stove could be thermostatically controlled, whereas a wood stove burning needs to be managed to keep the warmth constant.

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Setup Price

Prices for a woodstove or pellet stove are rather similar if we take into account only primary unit costs. The rest depends on the design. Choosing the style that appeals to you personally and deciding on the size of the stove that is sufficient to warm your living space may bump up the price. Installation costs are comparable with either sort of wood-burning appliance.

However, there are other related expenses to keep in mind. Wood heating stoves usually call for a complete insulated chimney system installation which has to extend over the roof peak.

Operating Expenses

Unlike wood heating stoves which may burn firewood and wood bits, a pellet stove may only burn pellets, including wood or specific fuel composites.

As the price and access to firewood and pellet fuels will change depending on the seller, you need to compare the price of a complete supply of firewood and pellets. At the same time think about how long the quantity that you purchased will continue to earn a correct comparison of fuel distribution expenses.

In case a winter’s supply of firewood is projected to cost you near the value of approximately 3 tons of pellets, your operating costs might be comparable with both stove types.

Pellets are offered in 40-pound bags. This means thicker carrying on to the stove, while firewood can be taken in smaller batches, if needed. You can contact Woodyfuel to get a quote on the pellet bag prices.

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Back-Up Heat During Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, a pellet stove will shut down. Pellet fuel stoves require electricity to function. A traditional wood heating stove or fireplace will continue to give heat during a power outage, and this might be an important concern for your household.


If firewood is easily available and inexpensive, and you do not obey the breaking, stacking and wood/bark residue that comes with burning wood, a conventional wood heating stove could be more economical to install and function.

Should you anticipate that firewood and pellet heating costs will be comparable and you would like a clean kind of heating that you could set up and leave it for the day, a pellet stove could be a fantastic selection.

If your primary concern is using a heating source during power surges; if you don’t intend on using a generator with appropriate electric hook-up for your pellet stove, a wood heating stove might be a better choice as many wood stoves have cooking surfaces that may be quite beneficial during crises.

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