Demand for cardboard

and other forms of wood-based packaging has significantly increased during COVID-19.
Many sectors had to scale down their operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those companies that have managed to keep their doors open are now investing in the booming e-commerce market. This has led to a substantial global increase in demand for cardboard and other forms of wood-based packaging because of customers who have to stay home and order many of their supplies online.

We see the effects of this phenomenon across the world with ports reporting an apparent increase in the handling of wood products since February. Such an increase in demand for wood-based materials, so early in the pandemic stirred many companies toward automation.

It’s all about automation

Increased automation in all industries is becoming the new standard. Wood processing plants are, in fact, leaders among many other sectors in terms of the degree of automation in their production chains.

The automation of wood storage and processing has been in use for many years in companies such us Woodyfuel, but new technological developments have made us even more reliable with higher production capacities. At the same time, automation has also improved safety and environmental aspects of the wood chip production.

We believe that even the smallest progress towards reducing environmental impact and waste can be considered a direct contribution to a more sustainable future.

Wood processing is one of the rare examples of a chain of production and handling of bulk materials where almost everything can be recycled. It is more eco-friendly, leaving a significantly lower carbon footprint in comparison to fossil fuels when it comes to heating. Packaging materials made of wood can also be recycled and reused.

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