Eco-friendly wood chip and it’s impact on the environment

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Solid Fuel Company

How we treat the environment has become a much bigger concern over the last 10 years based on the consequences that are now coming to light. Making changes to your lifestyle and how we respect the environment can seem complicated, but there are some really easy ways to start making positive changes. How we dispose of or reuse of materials like Wood chip can have quite a positive impact and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly wood chip uses

Wood chip is much more commonly used than you might think. There are some great eco-friendly ways to use wood chip which will allow you to start reducing your carbon footprint and help to maintain the environment around you in positive ways.



One the best eco-friendly ways to use wood chips is to include them in your garden compost. As they break down, they deliver nutrients back into the soil and help to keep plants healthy.


Placing wood chips on flower beds can help to maintain weeds and also protect your plants from any harsh weather conditions.

Garden Walkways

Eco-friendly wood chips are great for levelling out uneven areas in a garden. They also deliver nutrients back to the earth as they breakdown.


There are now companies that source and sell eco-friendly wood chip from sustainable sources. This is great alternative to some of the more detrimental fossil fuels or natural gas.
Eco friendly wood chip

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Your carbon footprint is measured by everyday activities that create or add greenhouse gases to the environment such as taking the kids to school or going shopping. If you’re wondering what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint in the things you do each day, making the most of eco-friendly wood chip and it’s uses is a great starting point. Burning wood chips instead of other fuels is another way to reduce your carbon impact on the environment.


Plastic straws are having a huge impact on the environment. They’re only used for a couple of minutes but can take up to 500 years to degrade and they also leave toxins in the soil. You can actually use biodegradable woodchip as a super eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. They’re sustainable and renewable and if they end up in the ocean, they won’t poison the marine life.

Buy local

Talk to your local biomass fuel supplier about how and where they source their wood chips from, and they’ll also be happy to advise you on other eco-friendly ways to use them. Wood chips are perfect as an environmentally friendly fuel, garden material and even as straws. Buying local also means you have less of an impact on the environment as there aren’t the huge transportation issues involved. Make the move to eco-friendly wood chips and you can help to change the way you impact the environment for the better.

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