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What are the Sustainability Goals?

Here at Woodyfuel, we are committed to sustainability green energy efficiency. The sustainability goals are very important to us, and although we focus on biomass and wood fuel, all of the United Nations sustainable development goals matter, so that's what this article covers!What are Sustainability Goals? Protecting the planet while promoting...

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Affordable and Clean Energy

The 7th Goal of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals Maybe you have heard about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the news? Many people have heard about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the news over the years. Still, it can be difficult to recall those goals. In this article, we will be discussing the 7th goal of the 2030...

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Is Biomass Wood Fuel Sustainable?

Sustainability has become a buzz word and for all the right reasons. Protecting our supply of natural resources and how they contribute to climate change and ecological damage is key to making sure our planet survives into the future. In modern life, we’ve come to rely on fuel for power, warmth and even for generating some forms of electricity.

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UK Forestry Standards

To ensure the 100% process compliance, we make sure that every single wood batch obtained from our tree service supply-chain originates from forests that conform to the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS).

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The government regulatory OFGEM compliance:

For the commercial sector, when supplying wood fuel from the BSL-approved source, you oblige to a quarterly attestation of:

  • The wood fuel origins
  • RHI meter readings
  • BSL-registered fuel supplier records
  • Wood fuel delivery notes within the last five years