Increasing demand for biomass provides opportunities to recover brash and harvest wood from felling sites. Brash is a mix of treetop branches that often remains on site after felling – the foliage, branches and the tree’s crown. Often called lop and top, brash has traditionally been left on the site or perhaps heaped up and burned.

Brash usually comes from:

  • small scale site excavations
  • tree surgeries
  • woodland management in areas surrounding railways and roads
  • new building developments
brash removal recovery
Especially during new building developments, project managers often do not want biomass to be abandoned to decompose. Brash removal reduces many of the slip and trip hazards found on harvested sites, making planting and maintenance operations safer and more visually appealing.

Destroying these mounds yourself may cause damage in the surrounding area. This is because biomass can release extremely potent natural gases and, if removed incorrectly, it can negatively impact the environment.

Woodyfuel brash removal services

We use of large modern harvesting machinery means brash is often laid in mats to help support the machines and prevent ground damage such as rutting and compaction. Working closely with many of the leading tree removal businesses, we operate mobile chippers, providing a broad range of on-site clearance and chipping services for forestry, tree surgeons and municipal parks departments.

Woodyfuel’s rugged, self-contained unit and support vehicle combines quick setup with ease of access in confined sites, coupled with high-speed chipping and a large capacity in-feed for Round wood, Slab wood, Offcuts, Brash and Whole-tree processing. Large logs are dealt with using the on-board splitter.

The wood material can be chipped on-site and delivered to meet your specifications.

Please get in touch for more information on the brash removal services. We’ll reply to all enquiries as quickly as possible. We can also arrange for one of our experts to visit the site at the first suitable time for an initial survey.

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