Biomass energy becomes more popular every day

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Green Energy Supplier

Biomass energy becomes more and more popular every day.

Biomass fuels like wood fuel are an essential component of the UK’s dedication to increase renewable energy usage. Nonetheless, for us to be able to take complete advantage of the ecological benefits, first we have to make sure that wood fuel production is more renewable and environmentally friendly. This way it may become UK’s favourite energy option and give a superb alternative to the present use of fossil fuels.

Moisture content

At Woodyfuel we specialise in providing 20 percent (+/- 4 percent) moisture content wood chip which adheres to UK Forestry Standard. It has the very best proportion of moisture content to increase performance and lower maintenance costs and at the same time deriving maximum energy out of your boiler. Our wood chip and pellet will also allow you to meet your Renewable Heat Incentive needs so you can get paid for the power that you produce. If you want your boiler to operate at high levels, use a wood chip that low moisture levels and is of good quality, so it does not damage your boiler. Woodyfuel additionally adheres to the Ethical Tree Planting Policy, protecting yearly forestry crop and planting more trees in the areas where it is needed.

Top 7 reasons why you should choose biomass fuel.

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Cost effective – low price fluctuations
  • Renewable Heat Incentive – get paid for the energy that you produce
  • Appeal to your customer demographic – get green energy credentials for your brand
  • 90% efficiency
  • Low maintenance in comparison to traditional installations like gas or oil boilers
  • Good For The Environment – the fewer fossil fuel emissions, the better

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