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About WOODYFUEL wood fuel supply

Woodyfuel is an integrated wood fuel supply company. Our facilities collect, process and recycle wood material for use as green fuel to support sustainable biomass heating systems.

Our biomass fuel is a great renewable source of fuel to produce energy because:

  • timber waste residues will always exist – in terms of scrap wood, mill residuals and forest resources; and
  • properly managed forests will always generate excess material for renewable energy heating- in the form of virgin wood and a residual biological matter from brash removal or site clearance.

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Please contact Woodyfuel Account Manager to discuss wood fuel supply and delivery details.

Woodyfuel Biomass fuel delivery coverage

We are based in Northern England & supply wood chip and biomass fuel to:

  • Tyne And Wear (Newcastle Upon Tyne and surrounding areas)
  • Northumberland (Hexham, Stocksfield, Alnwick neighbourhoods)
  • County Durham (Durham City, Washington and surrounding areas)
  • Yorkshire (Leeds, York and neighbouring regions)
  • Lincolnshire (and neighbouring regions)

Our commitment to you


Woodyfuel strategy is to be an expert provider of distributed heat, power and renewable fuels to help British organisations and industries unlock the potential of locally available, low carbon energy.
Why choose us? We aim to supply premium wood fuel and, securing the optimal performance of your biomass boiler.

Qualified Expertise

We offer expertise and professional advice, from wood fuel delivery planning to the estimate of heating effectiveness at any given site.

Being actively involved in a huge selection of boiler installations we have unique expertise in handling different heating systems, pellet & wood chip delivery as well as biomass fuel storage.

If you’re new to biomass heating we are here for you.

Community Friendly

Woodyfuel is based in Northern England and we are deeply appreciative of our community.

By setting up a biomass production hub in the local area, Woodyfuel ensures that carefully obtained virgin timber provides value to organisations in the whole region of Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas.

Our goal is to minimise carbon emissions and fuel miles from nationwide deliveries by focusing on wood fuel supply from our local storage points.

Unparalleled Wood Fuel Supply Value

Woodyfuel adjusts to your requirements and utilises quality systems to provide the best type of wood fuel supply. Our carefully maintained biomass fuel supply with controlled moisture levels ensures that your heating system will run smoothly. That is why we supply optimal wood chip based on the recommended moisture content for your biomass heating system.

Third-party quality checks and assurance tests confirm the highest grade level of our solid fuel product.

Woodyfuel offers flexible supply agreements and helps with RHI calculations. Based in Northern England – Newcastle Upon Tyne (Tyne And Wear), Northumberland (Stocksfield and Alnwick), Yorkshire (Leeds and York) and Lincolnshire – our Management Team is available to support your establishment.