Wood Logs


Woodyfuel offer of kiln-dried wood logs is available across Northern England.

Our wood logs exceptional quality and burning performance are achieved through Woodyfuel’s unparalleled expertise in the wood fuel industry. Deriving from our knowledge and experience of handling biomass we also have a sufficient infrastructure to precisely dry wood logs to the needed level, store the wood in secure warehouses and deliver it in batches without loosing their overall moisture level and quality – regardless of the given season and weather conditions.



Kiln-dried wood only.



Standard size 25cm in length – perfect for your fireplace.

Moisture level

Optimum moisture level between 10-15%.


Non-standard sizes

Available at your request we provide non-standard sizes as well.

Easy for stacking

Various delivery options available.

Customer Support

Contact us for all queries regarding wood logs supply contracts.

Similar to the wood pellet or chip options, Woodyfuel provides a wood logs volume purchasing plan. This is an ideal setup where you can buy firewood in bulk for your friends, family or neighbours and make great savings at the same time.

Please contact us for a callback with more details regarding the delivery and our order system.

Often overlooked is the earning potential of your wood boiler. Reach out for more details.

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