Our Equestrian Surface Chip is an excellent horse riding surface. Composed of carefully curated and specially graded wood fibres shaped to a specific size.
We ensure our Equestrian Surface Chip blueprint creates unique attributes, weight diffusion, and a great gallop or stadium finish with natural matt distinction.

The result is the fact that Woodyfuel’s virgin wood chip performs better and maintains its superior qualities longer than any other surface made from different materials (sand, peat, etc.).

Simple and fast

to set up and supports big regions

Prevents the risk

of venue shut down due to adverse weather conditions


for a fast recycling

Consumes moisture

creating a damp-free soil that is safe and healthy

Sustainable sources

and with use of environment-friendly systems


surface cover

- Really tough wearing and withstanding adverse weather conditions

- Dries fast making the Equestrian Surface Chip readily available for the usage

- Ideal for sport events that are heavily exploited

- Local and 100% sustainable

- Uniform colour and natural look

Often overlooked is the earning potential of your wood boiler. Reach out for more details.

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